Start Over

Truly if this was my second job; I wouldn’t have done very well. I’m not going to chastise myself for not writing every day like I need to though…it’s just life and the reality is that I don’t get paid to do this so when I’m totally wasted from life in general; I probably won’t write as often…mostly b/c it will be shit.  Then again…that is part of this experiment too…free-thought and random writing. Shit or no shit. Either way, please don’t give up on this site…I’m not. So let’s start again. Tonight I’m going to do a small exercise in dialogue. I hope that anyone who reads it will enjoy it!


2 thoughts on “Start Over

    • Thank you Gail…I’m really bad at making time for this lately. I am so stressed and maxed out at work; I don’t have anything left at the end of the day. Doing order entry for 10 hours a day is really mentally taxing. It makes me sad b/c besides being with Carl, this is what I REALLY want to do when I get home. I have some ideas that will be so fun to explore, and I think about it during the day but when I get home I’ve either completely forgotten my thoughts and am just so drained. I know…who isn’t right? Ha! I need this though. Thank you for your encouragement. I WILL write this week I promise. Thank you so much!!! I love you!

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