Bad First Sentence Exercise

1. She huffed and puffed, sweat beading on her brow, stretching and pulling the spandex until its integrity moaned; it didn’t matter, the Jane Fonda workout waited for no one.

2. As we walked up to the door full of holiday greetings, the in-laws opened  it and we were met with the full ensemble, including their not-so-friendly mutt encased in an Elizabethan collar.

3. The only thing keeping her from playing the lotto was her irrational fear of taxes.

4. She opened her eyes in the morning to find that everything in her house had grown 120x and that she was in danger of being crushed by a penny precariously perched on her headboard.

Those are my four really bad first sentences…hopefully my next short story does not begin with something like this….



2 thoughts on “Bad First Sentence Exercise

    • Yes…I was kind of thinking of “The Metamorphosis” that is such a bizarre story. I wonder what would happen if one day someone woke up and they had become a gigantic single sock or something odd…maybe I’ll try that for something silly one day. Ha! I would hope it would be a clean sock…

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