Writing Exercise #2

Creative writing text, page 28 exercise – write about someone you used to know but don’t any more.

1. Her name was Chloe. We both lived in the tiny rural town of White, SD. We rode the bus to the Toronto Elementary School ten miles away. I don’t recall ever saying anything to her. She was dowdy, unkept and wore huge round eye glasses that distorted her badly far-sighted eyes when you looked at her. Eyes magnified to extreme proportions. She wore clay colored clothes and kept to herself. No one liked or disliked Chloe, no one talked to her. I think I went to her house once trick-or-treating when I was very young. I remember a black cherry soda in a glass bottle, so sweet I can still taste it now. She was just so sad, little and pitiful. 

My parents divorced and my Mom and I moved away when I was seven years old. I hope that maybe by her senior year Chloe got contacts and a comb. Maybe she was very smart, although painfully shy but found her voice her sophomore year at UCLA. Then she would become part of the student government and change her major to Political Science and is now a Lobbyist in Washington D.C. She would be successful, beautiful and maybe even have a boyfriend who treats her like an angel. They would have a cat and a rabbit. They would be happy.

Realistically, she is probably still in South Dakota, dropped out of school, by force…couldn’t take people ignoring her and was neglected  by her family, or she married the first boy who fucked her and has five clay-colored, unkempt children of her own who still ride the bus the ten miles to the Toronto Elementary School.


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