Writing Exercise #1

Writing Exercise: Start a story with, “Where were you last night?”

1. “Where were you last night?” He wondered as he looked at her passed out on the couch. Her leather jacket haphazardly wrapped around her body like a cocoon, make-up smeared across her tightly closed eyes. Her faded red lips were parted and soft snores could be heard, irregular sounds against her regularly rising and falling chest. She hadn’t even taken off her shoes and he could smell the alcohol still seething from her pores. He loved her, had to…how could he not? He wouldn’t ask her where she’d been, he’d pretend nothing was wrong, that their bed hadn’t been half empty last night, cold spot where her body should have been – never was anymore. Cold in perpetuity, like a New Jersey winter.

2. “Where were you last night?” She thought. She had read the story; she knew what was supposed to happen. Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother was a no-show and she was still stuck darning her stupid step-sister’s smelly socks.

3. “Where were you last night?” She asked sweetly as she tucked the last of her favorite silk scarves down his throat, his eyes glazing over with regret.


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